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There will be a meeting at the track on March 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to meet the new management and discuss the classes and rules for the coming season. Also tires should be available for purchase.

                            October 26th, 2013
For our 9th and final race of the 2013 season we had 18 outlaw racers come join us.

It was a cool night in Cordele and those motors were making lots of horsepower which produced some very fast qualifying times.

Fast time was a tie between Chris Dilbeck and first time Outlaw racer Alex Coffee with a blazing 16.53 seconds each.  Coffee was awarded the pole by virtue of the times of their second lap which were 16.59 for Coffee and 16.68 sec. for Dilbeck.

Third fastest was Warren Mobley with a 16.56 sec. lap, and fourth fastest was Russell Fleeman with 16.63 seconds. Fifth fastest was WCS points leader Billy Chancy with a 16.67.

This was also Fleemans first ever start with the Outlaws in Cordele. Fleeman was undefeated in Outlaw action at Gresham Motorsports Park during the 2013 season.

As mentioned, it was a cool night in Crisp county, and the tires were cold with not a lot of grip until they could get some heat in them. As a result, during the parade lap as the cars were cleaning their tires and trying to heat them up, Alex Coffee lost control of his car and impacted the back stretch wall.  This ended the former Legends racers night before he could ever take the green.
This moved Dilbeck to the pole and Mobley to the outside front row with Fleeman right behind Dilbeck on the start.
At the wave of the green it was Dilbeck edging by Mobley coming off turn two With Fleeman moving under Mobley. They ran side by side until the caution came out.
The restart had Dilbeck on pole and Fleeman on the outside.  This restart was repeated many times during the course of the race and resulted in some extremely exciting racing every time. There was some great racing throughout the field that kept the fans cheering.
Dilbeck managed to hold the lead on each restart despite the great challenges put up by Fleeman. This was truly some great driving by both drivers.
Dilbeck crossed the finish line first for his fifth straight win of the season to claim the bounty put up by Borum Service Center of Unadilla, Ga. Second was Fleeman close on his bumper then Steve Renner taking third after challenging for the lead at several different times during the course of the race. Fourth was David Murphy moving up from his 7th starting position.
During the course of the race Stuart Dutton, who had started dead last as a result of arriving at the track too late for qualifying, was picking off positions and moving forward. Stuart moved all the way to 5th place by the end of the race, and by doing so won the Hard Charger award presented by Luke Yoder Construction Company.
Sixth went to Billy Chancy. As a result Billy won the 2013 WCS Outlaw Championship tonight. This is Billy's second straight Outlaw Championship.  Billy did a great job this season and we congratulate him on his tremendous effort.
First time WCS Outlaw racers for this race included, as mentioned, Coffee and Fleeman, plus Frank Roberts, Greg Youngblood, and Blake Gaither. We welcome these guys to the WCS Outlaw Series.
18 cars represented our largest car count yet in the three year lifespan of the WCS Outlaw Series. We expect this trend to only continue to go up as more and more racers take notice of the great racing taking place in this series. We are very excited about the future of Watermelon Capital Speedway and see great things ahead.  Keep checking in for some exciting announcements in the near future.
We would like to take this opportunity to than our Tech Men, Mike Almond and Mark Mapp. Mike and Mark have done an EXCELLENT job in enforcing our rules and ensuring everyone has an equal chance to do well when they race in our Series.

We would also like to thank Marvin and Bret Ragan for allowing us to race on their great track. It is truly a superb facility for racing.  We also wish Marvin better days ahead with his health. Thanks for putting up with us.

Also, thanks to all the racers that came and raced with us this year. We hope you enjoyed the competition and will come back next year. Our RACERS are the best anywhere.

                            OCTOBER 5TH, 2013
We  had 13 Outlaw Late Models show up to race with us in our 8th race of the 2013 season. Of those 13 cars we had a first time competitor. Robby Temple of McDonough Ga. This was his first ever start with the Outlaws and his first start on asphalt. He plans to run the next race and all next season. Welcome, Robby,  to the Ga. for FairTax outlaw latemodel Series and Watermelon Capital Speedway.

Chris Dilbeck again set fast time in qualifying with a time of 16.68 seconds and claimed the $100 dollar pole award.

The top 5 fastest qualifying times were Dilbecks' 16.68  followed by Billy chancy with a time of 16.78 seconds. Third fastest was Warren Mobley with a 16.81. Fourth was Matthew Wragg clocking in at 16.88 and fifth was Steve Renner at 16.90.
The race was thrill packed with several cautions and competitive racing throughout the field. 
Chris Dilbeck led every lap but points leader Billy Chancy was rapidly closing on him in the last part of the race.

This is Dilbecks  fourth straight win of the year, and as a result the bounty will continue onto the next race. The bounty money was put up by Borum's Service Center in Unadilla, Ga.
Tonights  "Hard Charger" award, sponsord by LUKE YODER CONSTRUCTION CO.  Went to our newest driver, Robby Temple of McDonough, Ga. This award goes to the driver who advances the most positions from his starting spot to his finishing position. 

The race started with Dilbeck taking the lead with Chancy close behind.  The first caution flew on lap 3 when Mike Silvey spun in turn three.

The restart saw Dilbeck out front again but the caution flew again on lap 4 when Silvey and Sammy Short got together with Short ending up backing into the outside wall at the end of the front straight. This ended Shorts' night.

It took a couple of tries to get the race going again due to cars spinning and bouncing off one another in turn one. Chancy was charged with one of the cautions and sent to the back.

After racing resumed, Dilbeck led with Matthew Wragg in second when once again Silvey went off the back stretch and went the entire length into the creek off turn three, chopping down a tree in the process. This ended Silveys night.

During the caution Warren Mobley came into the pits to clear debris from his front  grill as a result of one of his excursions off turn 1. He was caught in the pits on the restart and joined the field at the rear.

The next caution flew when Steve Barker and Joe Wilder got together on the front straight which resulted in Wilder impacting the outside wall. This ended the 14 year old drivers' night.

The race went on with Chancy and Mobley advancing from the rear through the field producing some exciting racing.

The last caution flew when Wragg spun in turn 3. With only a handful of laps left, Wragg was still able to work his way back to 5th when the checkers flew.

Our next race, October 26th, is our last scheduled race for the 2013 season and we will be crowning our champion.  We would love to see a large car count and a packed grandstand.

Next year is shaping up to be a great season with several new cars and drivers already being built or bought and prepared to join us. Hopefully by October 26th we will have a lot more information to pass on about next season. Stay Tuned.

We thank all the drivers that come and race with us. This is a great group of drivers and crews and everyone has that "lets have some FUN" attitude. That makes our job much more enjoyable and much easier. There is no better group of guys anywhere than this group of drivers.

The track has asked that Racecievers be used in all future races at the track. This request was made in their effort to speed the show along and not keep the fans in the stands so late. It is also a safety issue that was highlighted last year by a track worker being hit at a track in Florida due to a driver not knowing there was a caution.

Racecievers will be available at the next race for purchase or rental. Cost for purchase will be $100 or rental for $10.




   DRIVER  POINTS  AS  OF   10/6/13

                  NAME                    POINTS

1.        BILLY  CHANCY                  188
2.        CHRIS DILBECK                  163
3.        WARREN MOBLEY              159
4.        STEVE BARKER                  155   
5.        STUART DUTTON                153                 
6.        STEVE RENNER                   135
7.        STEWART SMITH                 120
8.        DAVID MURPHY                   104
9.        JOE WILDER                          69
10.      SAMMY SHORT                     65
11.      JORDAN McCALLUM            61      
12.      MATTHEW WRAGG               60
13.      MARK BICKERS                    58
14.      KYLE McCALLUM                 50
15.      BRIAN HARDMAN                 42
16.      MIKE SILVEY                         32
17.      DAVID HODGES                    18       
18.     SCOOTER SMITH                   17
19.     ROBBY TEMPLE                    16 
20.     JIM CHANCY                          14  
21.     LANE WATSON                      12 
22.     DONNIE HUDDLESTON         10

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